Page 23 - Keeping Hawaii Seafood Sustainable

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This document was prepared by J. John Kaneko and Paul K. Bartram
of PacMar Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii under the Hawaii Seafood Project,
August 29, 2009. The purpose of the document is to explain
what makes Hawaii seafood sustainable based on its exemplary
science-based fishery management system and its strong track record
of managing fish stocks for sustainability while controlling ecosystem
impacts. This sustainability platform is a starting point that must
be updated periodically due to the dynamic nature of fisheries.
This document and future updates will be available on the website
The authors acknowledge the contributions of Pierre Kleiber and
Russell Ito of the National Marine Fisheries Service, Pacific Islands
Fisheries Science Center in reviewing stock assessment summaries.
We thank Katrina Nakamura of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
for reviewing the document. Special thanks go out to Joe Arceneaux
of the NOAA Pacific Islands Region Fisheries Observer program
for providing some of the excellent photographs. Lastly, the authors
wish to give special recognition to the many dedicated fisheries
scientists and managers and the Hawaii Longline Association who
work tirelessly to manage our responsible fisheries for sustainability.
This document was prepared by PacMar Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii under Award No.
NA06NMF4520222 from NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce. The statements,
findings, conclusions and recommendation are those of the authors and do not
necessarily reflect the views of NOAA or the U.S. Department of Commerce.
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